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Sun Ra and his Arkesta
Photos by Rick Couto

International Musical Performances

1988 - Barbara Schloff, Leroy White, Judy Johnson, Ras Karbi

1989 - Red Road, Leroy White, Chili Brothers with Rick Danko,

Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Chamber Brass of Boston

1990 - Fuzek/Rossoni, Greg Abate & Diamond, Barbara Schloff, Orange Then Blue, Aequalis, Mystic Jammers, Maasi

1991 - Les Tetes Brulees (Cameroon)

1992 - Jimmy Johnson Blues Band, Jerome Harris Quintet, Laura Berkson,

Northern Lights with Vassar Clements, Semenya McCord, Julie Kabat

1993- A.C. Reed and the Sparkplugs, Shirley Lewis Experience,

Allen Lowe and the Jack Purvis Memorial Orchestra featuring Roswell Rudd,

Greg Abate Quartet, Louise Taylor, Huehuecoyotl (Mexico)

Master Ibrahima Camara (Senegal)

1994 - Joe Parillo Ensemble, Abby Rabinovitz & Yauma, Double Play, Rumbafrica, Kwame & Wan Afrika featuring Hamid Drake, Louise Taylor Trio, Lester Hersh

2000 - Michael Ray and the Cosmic Krewe, Nell Bryden, Kim Trusty, One People, 

R.A Fish and Rhythmic Essence, S'Killit, Fancha, Mark Soskin Trio

2001 - Ben Allison's Medicine Wheel, Mamadou Diabate,(Mali)

Michael Blake's Free Association

2002 - Les Yeux Noirs (France)  Kartik Seshadri, (India) Frank Kimbrough & Joe Locke,

Caraher Brothers, Greg Abate, Kendra Shank

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Mark Soskin
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