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Convergence Film/Video/Animation Festival

Sharing Artistic Vision

September 12-15, 2002


The Convergence Film/Video/Animation Festival presents highly polished short independent works.  Many are award-winning films that have been screened in other festivals across the country.  Last years selection of films included works from the Sundance Film Festival, the Student Academy Awards, Academy Award Nominees, and American Film Institute's Top 20 Documentaries from 2001.


"I've been to plenty of short film festivals, most recently to an evening of the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center and to the best-of-short-films-from-international-festivals screened at MOMA a few months ago. I really think the program you put together was stronger than either of those. It's so uplifting to see good work. It gives you such a sense of possibility."

 - Eliza Gagnon, attendee and filmmaker, New York City


"I think you're well on your way to solidifying a presence as a an important festival of independent film...judging by the caliber of the other works shown.  Good luck in the future.  I am just finishing my latest film, Passage, and will enter it next year."  Chel White, Filmmaker, Portland, OR



The film festival is produced in partnership with The Cable Car Cinema.

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