RISD Continuing Education Young Artist Program

Public Art Exhibition "Going Public: Art Outside the Classroom" Summer course taught by Jennifer Raimondi, Riverwalk at College St.

For three weeks in July, a group of high school students participated in "Going Public: Art Outside the Classroom" a course offered as part of the RISD Continuing Education Young Artist Program, and taught by RISD Sculpture alum Jennifer Raimondi. This course asked the students to consider how the communication between artist and viewer is altered when artwork is placed in public areas such as city streets, airports, and parks. The class began by observing different types of public art; then in groups they began to plan, sketch, budget, and finally build two projects that were submitted to Convergence. These projects will be on display on September 21 on the Providence Riverwalk at corner of College and South Main Streets.



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